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What’s benzoyl peroxide? 

Benzoyl peroxide is a wonderful medication for the remedy of acne.  Also referred to as BPO, it’s obtainable in each prescription and OTC non-prescription cleansers, gels and lotions constituted of 2 to 10% concentrations. Technically, benzoyl peroxide is a synthesized peroxide. The fact is that benzoyl peroxide is such a well-regarded medication that it’s on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines.

How does benzoyl peroxide work to battle zits?

Benzoyl peroxide is properly studied and confirmed to scale back the quantity and severity of zits lesions in 2 principal methods:

1.  Benzoyl peroxide is bactericidal.

Which means it kills the zits inflicting micro organism known as Cutibacterium acnes (previously known as P. acnes) by oxidizing bacterial proteins. In contrast to antibiotics, this bacteria has not developed resistance to benzoyl peroxide prefer it has to all antibiotics used to deal with zits. Decrease concentrations of benzoyl peroxide are as efficient at killing the zits inflicting micro organism as the upper concentrations. Decrease concentrations are additionally much less irritating to delicate pores and skin. 

2.  Benzoyl peroxide is a keratolytic and barely ‘sebostatic’.

Which means it clears out blackheads and keratin blockages in pores and may cut back pores and skin oil manufacturing. It additionally modifications the oil in your pores to make it much less prone to provoke pimples; benzoyl peroxide can assist to scale back irritation and redness from inflammatory zits lesions.

What varieties of zits is benzoyl peroxide good for?

Benzoyl peroxide for zits pimples

Benzoyl peroxide is superb at treating pimples. These are the inflammatory lesions of zits vulgaris, which is the most typical sort of zits. Inflammatory zits vulgaris is characterised by pustules, cysts, pink papules and nodules. The zits inflicting micro organism known as C. acnes performs a giant position in pimple formation and benzoyl peroxide is the perfect topical medication for killing this micro organism to clear zits. 

Benzoyl peroxide for cystic zits

Cystic zits is a deep type of inflammatory zits. Deep cysts can turn out to be very massive and scar. Usually these cysts do not attain the floor of the pores and skin to turn out to be a pustule however they’re crammed with pus and the encircling pores and skin could be very infected. Benzoyl peroxide will assist to regulate the zits inflicting micro organism within the pores however one of these zits must be handled by a dermatologist. 

Benzoyl peroxide for blackheads and whiteheads

Blackheads and whiteheads are known as comedones. They’re the noninflammatory lesions of zits vulgaris and characterize plugs within the pores. Benzoyl peroxide is each keratolytic, that means it breaks up the plugs, and sebostatic, that means it reduces sebum to assist break up the plugs. These two advantages of benzoyl peroxide goal comedones to assist heal zits. 

Benzoyl peroxide for zits scars

Benzoyl peroxide helps cut back zits scars by treating zits lesions to stop scarring; smaller and fewer zits lesions equate to much less zits scarring. 

How briskly does benzoyl peroxide work to deal with zits?

Benzoyl peroxide works shortly to deal with zits, and you’ll begin to see leads to below every week. It helps blackheads, whiteheads and pink zits pimples. In truth, after making use of benzoyl peroxide twice every day for two weeks, the zits inflicting bacteria may be reduced by as much as 98% and the pore-irritating fatty acids in sebum by 50%. That is highly effective in terms of treating zits.

Benzoyl peroxide is completely distinctive for treating zits. It is why I embody benzoyl peroxide in my two hottest zits kits, one for facial zits and one for physique zits.

Ultimate Acne Solutions Kit with Benzoyl Peroxide

My Ultimate Acne Solutions Kit for the face features a medicated salicylic acid and glycolic acid Zits Cleanser, Benzoyl Peroxide Zits Therapy Cream and an zits pleasant moisturizer to battle pores and skin irritation.

My Back and Body Acne Kit features a Benzoyl Peroxide Zits Cleanser to alternate with Foaming Zinc Cleanser and a Salux Fabric to use the cleansers. Foaming Zinc helps battle the yeast that always contributes to again zits. Along with benzoyl peroxide, this package is very efficient for again, chest and physique zits. 

best back and body acne kit with benzoyl peroxide

After a few weeks of utilizing the zinc cleaning soap at evening and benzoyl peroxide wash within the morning, my again and chest have been fully clear – which has by no means occurred in my total life. And some months later, they’re STILL fully clear. I can lastly put on tank tops once more. My pores and skin is smooth and easy, and my husband feedback on it on a regular basis. He cannot imagine the distinction. So glad I discovered your web site. Thanks a lot. Jennifer B

How do you utilize benzoyl peroxide to deal with zits?

Benzoyl peroxide zits lotions

best benzoyl peroxide cream for acne

Benzoyl peroxide is greatest utilized in a skinny layer to zits susceptible pores and skin. Totally different types of benzoyl peroxide have totally different utility frequencies. Dermatologist typically advocate topical benzoyl peroxide medicines be utilized twice every day if potential. Nevertheless, as soon as every day could also be ample. This lets you alternate BPO with a number of the different vital zits preventing skincare components that do not work when layered concurrently benzoyl peroxide similar to retinol.

My Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Acne Treatment Cream is made with medical-grade benzoyl peroxide in a non-drying base. This type of benzoyl peroxide is ultra-micronized, offering higher penetration into the pores and skin whereas minimizing sensitivity and irritation widespread with many different benzoyl peroxide merchandise. 

Do you have to spot deal with pimples with benzoyl peroxide?

It is OK to simply spot deal with pimples however ideally you need to deal with all the zits susceptible space to stop new pimples. It’s because benzoyl peroxide helps to scale back new zits lesions by killing the zits inflicting micro organism and altering the sebum to be much less irritating to the pore. In my follow, I’ve my sufferers which can be scuffling with many new zits lesions deal with all the zits susceptible space till they acquire management of their zits. After the zits improves, then benzoyl peroxide can be utilized to identify deal with the occasional pimple. 

Benzoyl peroxide face and physique washes 

best foaming benzoyl peroxide cleanser

Benzoyl peroxide cleansers are nice for each face and physique zits remedy. After I use a medicated benzoyl peroxide cleanser, I often choose the next focus of the energetic ingredient since I do know that a number of the medication goes to be rinsed off the pores and skin and the quantity left on the pores and skin will probably be much less concentrated. My 10% Foaming Benzoyl Peroxide Cleanser can be made with medical-grade ultra-micronized benzoyl peroxide for maximal pores and skin penetration with minimal threat of pores and skin irritation.  

What skincare components are you able to mix with benzoyl peroxide to deal with zits?

Benzoyl peroxide could be mixed with:

  • salicylic acid,
  • glycolic acid,
  • sulfur, and
  • topical antibiotics.

Benzoyl peroxide may also be mixed with adapalene, which is an artificial retinoid.

What components shouldn’t be mixed with benzoyl peroxide?

Retinoids aside from adapalene, similar to retinol and tretinoin, are deactivated by benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide can be not sometimes really useful when an individual is on Accutane/isotretinoin as a result of elevated threat of pores and skin irritation from that medication. 

Benzoyl peroxide shouldn’t be mixed with hydroquinone or dapsone as a result of the mixture could cause pores and skin irritation and marking. 

What are the benzoyl peroxide unwanted side effects?

Benzoyl peroxide could cause pores and skin irritation, redness, peeling and photosensitivity.

This threat is worse with larger strengths of BPO, making decrease concentrations the logical place to begin. If irritation develops, the pores and skin often adjusts in a number of weeks, although some individuals develop stinging, itching and swelling and may’t tolerate benzoyl peroxide.

Benzoyl peroxide may also make the handled pores and skin extra solar delicate so you will need to discover an acne-friendly sunscreen to guard handled pores and skin.

pro-tips to avoid irritation with benzoyl peroxide

5 Professional-tips to Assist Your Pores and skin Tolerate Benzoyl Peroxide:

  1. Put on broad spectrum pure mineral sunscreen to stop sunburn. 
  2. Use an zits pleasant moisturizer (similar to my Daily Moisturizing Face Cream for Oily Skin) day by day on high of your benzoyl peroxide.
  3. Beginning on a decrease energy benzoyl peroxide similar to my 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Zits Therapy Cream.
  4. Keep away from harsh cleansers that over-dry your pores and skin and result in irritation. My Zits Therapy Cleanser is formulated in a base that isn’t harsh.
  5. Give your pores and skin a couple of weeks to regulate to benzoyl peroxide earlier than including in different exfoliating merchandise similar to retinol or glycolic acid – or vice versa relying on that are already in your skincare routine.

Additionally, do not apply BPO proper subsequent to your eyes, the opening of your nostril, your lips or in your mouth as it would irritate mucus membranes (that is the kind of pores and skin that you’ve in your mouth, nostril and eyes). 

What are the delicate complexion issues which will by no means tolerate benzoyl peroxide?

Know that some pores and skin sorts are simply too delicate for benzoyl peroxide. This contains individuals with

  • extremely delicate erythematotelangiectatic sort 1 rosacea,
  • eczema sufferers, and
  • those that wrestle with seborrheic dermatitis. 

Most benzoyl peroxide intolerance is because of irritation. Hardly ever, an individual can also turn out to be allergic to benzoyl peroxide, although allergy could be very unusual. BPO allergic individuals is not going to tolerate even low concentrations or much less frequent publicity to benzoyl peroxide on their pores and skin. Importantly, allergic response to BPO is unusual and most irritation reactions could be overcome with the 5 ideas above. 

Benzoyl peroxide is understood to stain clothes

Benzoyl peroxide will bleach material! Which means you do not need to wipe off benzoyl peroxide onto coloured tub towels. Benzoyl peroxide will even bleach clothes, together with when it runs onto your clothes while you sweat. It’s going to additionally bleach your pillow case for those who apply it at evening. I like to recommend utilizing white tub towels and mattress linens when utilizing benzoyl peroxide. I additionally do not advocate sporting your favourite coloured clothes if there’s benzoyl peroxide on the pores and skin below or adjoining to your coloured clothes.

benzoyl peroxide vs salicylic acid

Benzoyl peroxide vs. salicylic acid; can you utilize them collectively to deal with zits?

Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are the 2 most well-known and efficient non-prescription zits preventing medicines. They each work very well to deal with zits as a result of,

  • each assist take away useless cells clogging your pores,
  • benzoyl peroxide kills the zits inflicting micro organism, and
  • salicylic acid is the perfect ingredient to penetrate deeply into oily pores.

The underside line with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide:

You should utilize these medicines collectively for additive profit! The salicylic acid will assist all topical merchandise penetrate higher into oily pores. Benzoyl peroxide is the ingredient to make use of to kill the zits inflicting micro organism. Collectively, these zits medicines work higher than they do alone. 

Benzoyl Peroxide vs salicylic acid

Each benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid could be irritating so “begin low and gradual” as we are saying on the workplace. In case you suppose your pores and skin could also be delicate, begin with one ingredient and slowly add within the second. In my Ultimate Acne Solutions Kit, the Zits Therapy Cleanser incorporates a full 2% salicylic acid (the best allowed focus) plus glycolic acid. Begin with it and the Day by day Moisturizing Face Cream. As soon as you might be positive you pores and skin is tolerating the cleanser, then add the Benzoyl Peroxide 5% Zits Therapy Cream. Apply the Day by day Moisturizer on high. I’ve taken the work out of zits remedy by creating this package. 

Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and glycolic acid can be utilized collectively to deal with the pimples and blackheads of zits.

I’ve mixed these 3 zits preventing components for years in my dermatology follow. It is vital to start out gradual and all the time use an zits pleasant moisturizer to fend off dryness and irritation whereas your zits is responding to this highly effective trio of components. – Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Benzoyl peroxide cleansers are one of the simplest ways to deal with again and chest zits.

benzoyl peroxide back chest body acne treatment

Making use of lotions is troublesome on the big expanse of chest and again pores and skin. As an alternative, use medicated cleansers. My Foaming Benzoyl Peroxide 10% Cleanser could be utilized with a Salux Bathe Fabric. After rinsing-off the cleanser’s lather from pores and skin within the bathe, medicated benzoyl peroxide medication will stay behind to deal with zits (and bleach material so put on white). You may alternate this with Foaming Zinc Cleanser to deal with the widespread sort of again and chest zits known as Pityrosporum folliculitis. All of the merchandise are available in my Back Acne Kit.

Can you utilize benzoyl peroxide if you’re pregnant or nursing?

I’ve to say no. Whereas there’s minimal systemic absorption of BPO into the physique, it’s unclear if benzoyl peroxide is secure to make use of throughout being pregnant or lactation. Except directed by your treating doctor, I have to say that the usage of BPO must be prevented throughout being pregnant and nursing.

What is the backside line with benzoyl peroxide remedy of zits?

Benzoyl peroxide is confirmed to kill the zits inflicting micro organism higher than any topical antibiotic. It additionally helps break up blackheads and is obtainable with out prescription. It combines with many different vital zits medicines similar to salicylic acid. Pores and skin irritation is the most typical drawback with benzoyl peroxide and it may be managed by beginning low and gradual and through the use of an acne-friendly moisturizer to stop pores and skin dryness. 


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Creator: Dr. Cynthia Bailey M.D. is a Board Licensed dermatologist training dermatology since 1987. She has completed properly over 200,000 pores and skin exams throughout her profession and authors the longest working doctor written pores and skin well being weblog on the earth.

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