Debunking TikTok “Dental Hacks”

Likelihood is, in case you’re a mum or dad to a young person, you’re accustomed to the social media platform TikTok. With the rise of the social media platform, TikTok customers have popularized “life hacks”—a lot of which may have destructive results on an impressionable viewers. One class of hacks that’s making the rounds on the app is a rise in do-it-yourself (DIY) dentistry, one thing that many professionals within the oral well being neighborhood are warning in opposition to as a result of dangerous impacts it could actually have on one’s mouth.  

What does DIY dentistry appear to be precisely? Properly, most not too long ago, a viral TikTok video instructed viewers to make use of a Mr. Clear Magic Eraser, a product historically used to wash family surfaces, to whiten enamel. One other popular video exhibits a young person closing the gaps between her enamel with rubber bands.  

These DIY “dental hacks” are the newest in a sequence of movies which have gone viral on the platform, posted by unlicensed influencers and people to offer oral well being “recommendation” to assist viewers rapidly improve their look.   

Dr. Amber Bonnaig, DDS, at DentaQuest, units the file straight on these viral developments.  

“These makeshift dental hacks are actually regarding and ship the precise incorrect message to youngsters about find out how to care on your enamel,” Bonnaig stated. “Performing your personal dental therapies – notably like a few of these TikTok movies – may cause vital, long-lasting injury to your mouth and enamel, in addition to your general well being.” 

Along with TikTok’s newest dental hacks, Dr. Bonnaig advises in opposition to different viral developments, together with:  

  • Hydrogen peroxide enamel whitening: Espresso, tea and medicines can all be sources of dental discoloration. Whereas a well-liked TikTok video promotes hydrogen peroxide as a teeth-whitening method to fight discoloration, dentists strongly suggest in opposition to its extended use and counsel individuals who desire a brighter smile use over-the-counter or skilled therapies. Extended bleaching with excessive concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, particularly when used a number of days in a row, can result in extremely irritated gums and delicate enamel. Whereas 3% hydrogen peroxide is on the market at most drugstores, it’s higher to make use of a toothpaste or enamel whitening product that’s a lot gentler on the gums and enamel.  

  • Nail file enamel submitting: One other widespread DIY dental hack includes utilizing a nail file to even out enamel or change the general form. A nail file shouldn’t be meant for use for enamel. It may possibly trigger extreme injury to enamel, which protects enamel from sensitivity, ache, cavities and discoloration. As well as, utilizing unsanitary instruments like this will introduce micro organism within the mouth. For individuals who could also be sad with the form or dimension of their enamel, it is suggested to schedule an preliminary session with the dentist.  

  • Hair flossing: Utilizing hair as a device for flossing can also be a development circulating on social media. Flossing every day will help get rid of plaque between enamel and stop calculus from forming on the gum line, however you will need to use the proper instruments as a result of utilizing the incorrect ones, similar to strands of hair, may cause trauma and result in irreversible hurt to the gums.  

  • Plaque elimination: Whereas plaque scrapers are broadly obtainable exterior of the dentist’s workplace, dentists don’t suggest utilizing them at house by your self, as one viral TikTok development suggests. Plaque scrapers are sharp, and improper use can puncture and injury the gums, in addition to trigger extreme bleeding. Gum trauma can immediate gum recession, root publicity and elevated sensitivity to meals, drinks and strain. It may possibly additionally injure the tongue, cheeks and different areas of sentimental tissue, or deliver on an an infection. 

  • DIY dentures: Utilizing moldable plastic as an answer for lacking enamel is one other viral hack customers on TikTok have prompt. Nonetheless, it is suggested to keep away from the usage of moldable plastic to interchange enamel as it’s unhygienic and can end in meals, micro organism and plaque getting caught across the plastic and across the enamel close by. This may trigger irritation of the gums and bone, which may result in everlasting recession and bone loss. As well as, DIY dentures can pose a choking threat. Moldable plastic shouldn’t be as safe as actual partial dentures, making it simple to inhale or swallow.  

In an effort to present correct info to individuals, dental professionals are beginning with sufferers who are available for his or her routine checkups. Addressing the misinformation early and explaining to sufferers, particularly younger ones, the issues DIY “dental hacks” may cause is essential to selling wholesome methods to handle your enamel. Some dentists are even becoming a member of TikTok to right unlicensed influencers and educate viewers on the “recommendation” they’re being given. 

“It’s essential to do not forget that good dental hygiene can stop many oral well being issues and maintain your mouth wholesome,” Bonnaig says. “Dad and mom and teenagers ought to proceed to brush routinely, keep away from unhealthy habits like nail biting or enamel grinding, and seek the advice of your dentist about any therapies that transcend this sort of routine preventive care.”  

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