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What’s dehydrated pores and skin?

Dry and Oily Dehydrated Pores and skin Defined

Pricey Dr. Bailey, What’s the distinction between dry and dehydrated? A number of skincare traces carry completely different merchandise for dry pores and skin and so-called dehydrated pores and skin. Can the pores and skin be oily and dehydrated? Can pores and skin be dry and never dehydrated? Or is dehydrated pores and skin solely a advertising and marketing buzzword? Thanks so much for giving nice solutions to nice questions in your weblog! I actually like studying your solutions and skincare recommendation. 🙂  and thanks so much for this reply too.  Judith

Howdy Judith, sure, within the context you describe, it is a advertising and marketing time period. It is an vital query although as a result of it is vital to grasp pores and skin hydration and the function of moisturizers, oil and humectants in stopping pores and skin dehydration.  

Pores and skin moisture (hydration) is definitely about water content material and never oil.

Water in pores and skin contributes to its plumpness and suppleness. Hydrated pores and skin is dewy and mushy. The water content material of your pores and skin will ebb and stream shortly as a result of your pores and skin readily absorbs water out of your bathtub, bathe and humid air. Your pores and skin can even lose water to dehydrated air, which is something beneath 85% relative humidity!

What’s hydrated your pores and skin?

What is dehydrated skin

Hydrated pores and skin has water held subsequent to pores and skin keratin. To grasp this, know that the stratum corneum of your pores and skin (the dermis) is what we contemplate the pores and skin’s ‘water proofing’ layer. It’s the high most layer of pores and skin and it performs a key function in defending your pores and skin from water loss (known as transepidermal water loss, or TEWL).

The stratum corneum has a ‘brick and mortar’ construction composed of:

  1. lifeless pores and skin cells (known as corneocytes) which are like ‘bricks’ full of keratin protein, and
  2. lipid mortar that surrounds all of the ‘bricks’ (comprising about 20% of the stratum corneum) to assist stop water loss.

It’s the keratin protein within the lifeless cells that absorbs water. When absolutely hydrated, these lifeless cells swell and soften by as a lot as 50% past their dry type. Totally hydrated keratin is plump and supple in comparison with keratin that’s not absolutely hydrated.

You hydrate pores and skin keratin to create plump, mushy, supple, dewy pores and skin utilizing your skincare merchandise and routine. – Dr. Cynthia Bailey 

What’s dehydrated pores and skin?

Dehydrated pores and skin accommodates insufficient water for pores and skin to be supple, mushy and wholesome. Within the excessive, dehydrated pores and skin will grow to be crepey, brittle, tough and in the end grow to be symptomatic, in danger for asteatotic/xerotic eczema and irritant dermatitis. 

How do you entice water into the pores and skin to forestall dehydration?

dehydrated face skin cream

The pores and skin lipids between lifeless cells of the stratum corneum are the primary line of protection for TEWL (pores and skin water loss). These lipids are composed of ceramides, cholesterols and different free fatty acids. You want sufficient of those pores and skin lipids to forestall water loss. There are additionally different methods to entice water within the pores and skin and also you need to use as many as potential to forestall dehydrated pores and skin. 

Occlusive substances stop pores and skin dehydration

Occlusion in dermatology, is the applying of one thing on the pores and skin that forestalls water loss. Oils (equivalent to mineral oil) and petrolatum (Vaseline) have been used for a few years. It’s also possible to use botanical oils for a similar function. Dermatologists additionally use wraps and dressings to forestall TEWL. The Korean Pores and skin Care slugging pattern is admittedly occlusive skincare utilizing Vaseline. Facial hydrocolloid masks can do the identical factor for a fast rehydration. 

Moisturizers historically stop dehydrated pores and skin by using an oil or oil-like ingredient equivalent to petrolatum to occlude (entice) water and forestall evaporation every day. They’re handiest when utilized proper after washing/wetting the pores and skin the place they’ll seal within the water that your pores and skin simply absorbed when it was moist. – Dr. Bailey

Humectant substances assist bind water contained in the pores and skin

Components that chemically bind water are known as humectants. In skincare, these embody the well-loved substances hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Sodium PCA is one other efficient humectant. It’s a part of your pores and skin’s pure moisturizing issue. Low focus urea is one other humectant you will discover in skincare merchandise. (Do not confuse this with excessive focus urea which features as an exfoliant.)

Dehydrated Pores and skin Merchandise

prevent dehydrated skin with this face oil

Pores and skin with sufficient trapped water is taken into account hydrated and also you try this with the precise merchandise in your distinctive complexion.

The most effective oils for dehydrated pores and skin

Oils for dehydrated pores and skin do not need to be greasy

My Pure Lotion and Butter are additionally enriched with natural aloe vera and vegetable derived glycerin. My Omega Enriched Booster Oil is a mix of quick absorbing oils that by no means really feel greasy.

Dehydrated oily pores and skin

Oily pores and skin will maintain extra moisture as a result of it produces its personal moisturizing oil.

Pores and skin sebum may be very environment friendly and great as a pure pores and skin moisturizer till the oily shine turns into annoying. Harsh soaps will take away the oil and it takes time to breed it so any absorbed water from washing might have evaporated by the point the oil begins to re-coat the pores and skin. Making use of oil-free humectants can assist maintain water to pores and skin till pores and skin sebum can coat the pores and skin. It is also potential to make use of a light-textured moisturizer utilized in a skinny layer on high of humectants to carry water and forestall dehydrated oily pores and skin.

best moisturizer for dehydrated oily skin

A few of the greatest oil-free moisturizing substances to hydrate pores and skin are:

  • hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate)
  • Sodium PCA
  • glycerin

My pharmaceutical-grade hyaluronic acid containing merchandise together with Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy and/or Instantly Luminous Multi Action Serum. Immediately Luminous serum is constructed with a sophisticated formulation of fractionated hyaluronic acid to stratify water all through the layers of the dermis for maximal hydration. It really works so properly with the Inexperienced Tea Remedy that I created my in style Layered Up Besties Kit with them each!

I’ve used this mixture of nice merchandise for a very long time now and I like them. My pores and skin is brighter and by no means feels dry. Lynn

Oil-free humectant wealthy merchandise maintain water within the pores and skin with out oil and characterize that good bridge between science and nature that I like a lot!

Dehydrated face skincare merchandise 

prevent dehydrated oily skin with this

Merchandise with humectants, ceramides and squalane are high selections for hydrating all pores and skin sorts together with oily pores and skin. Profit from all of them whenever you high the humectants in Layered Up Besties with non-greasy lipid replenishing ceramides and squalane in Daily Face Cream. Dry complexions profit from including a couple of drops of my Omega Enriched Face Booster Oil to the Every day Face Cream. I do that throughout dry climate and my pores and skin loves it!

Dehydrated oily pores and skin also can occur should you undergo from sure widespread pores and skin issues that result in pores and skin barrier weak point that will increase pores and skin water loss. 

Dehydrated oily pores and skin as a result of pores and skin issues that weaken pores and skin barrier embody:

  • Repeated contact with harsh soaps (for delicate pores and skin this could embody merchandise with the sodium laurel sulfate household of substances) or harsh chemical compounds (like rubbing alcohol or family cleaners).
  • seborrheic dermatitis dehydrated skin fix

    Rashes equivalent to facial dandruff (seborrhea) and rosacea that trigger compromised pores and skin barrier and water loss.

  • Having a genetic tendency for eczema, bronchial asthma and allergy symptoms meaning you might also have an inherently susceptible pores and skin barrier and are one of many traditional ‘delicate pores and skin’ individuals.
  • Publicity to harsh environments equivalent to windy, chilly climates, or just going between chilly outside temperatures and heated indoor environments which might irritate the pores and skin and trigger water loss.

So, sure,

it is potential to have oily pores and skin that can be dehydrated!

Dehydrated leg, arm and physique pores and skin

Leg and physique pores and skin have fewer oil glands and are sometimes characterised as dry, particularly after the age of 55 when pores and skin restore mechanisms actually begin to drop off. Arms and leg pores and skin is very susceptible to TEWL and thus dehydration. Dryness and dehydration right here go collectively and result in crepey, flakey, tough and chalky trying pores and skin that simply appears to be like and feels previous! I’ve spent my profession serving to individuals stop this.  

Tips on how to stop dehydrated leg, arm and physique pores and skin

I’ve instructed sufferers for years that making use of moisturizer to no less than the legs and arms after each bathtub or bathe is admittedly vital for holding arm and leg pores and skin wholesome as we age. The most effective strategy is to alternate physique lotion or cream with a medical-grade glycolic acid skincare routine.

  • The lotion or cream will replenish the pores and skin lipids to assist stop TEWL.
  • The glycolic acid will stimulate the pores and skin to supply its personal hyaluronic acid.
skin care products for dehydrated arm, leg body skin

In my 35 years of dermatology expertise, I’ve discovered that that is the one actual approach to visibly enhance the hyaluronic acid content material of arm and leg pores and skin. The glycolic acid can even assist take away pores and skin flakes and soften pores and skin roughness. The top outcomes are mushy, dewy and youthful arm and leg pores and skin that resist age spots and the crustiness related to ageing.

Yep, none of us has to resign our self to crusty previous pores and skin. We will alternate moisturizer with a medical-grade AHA routine on our arm, leg and physique pores and skin and keep dewy youthful pores and skin indefinitely. My sufferers and I’ve confirmed it! – Dr. Bailey, 64-year-old dermatologist. 

Alternate both my Pure Lotion or my Pure Butter Cream with the routine in my Ultra-Fast Body Smoothing Kit. Belief me, this fends of dehydrated and flakey pores and skin in your legs and arms!

best way to prevent dehydrated flakey arm and leg skin

The glycolic acid physique lotion is my favourite a part of the ULTRA-FAST BODY SMOOTHING TRIPLE ACTION SKIN CARE KIT. It actually does miracles to easy, hydrate and (cue the heavenly music) tighten crepey pores and skin. I noticed 100%+ enchancment in my pores and skin in only a matter of weeks. THAT’s the miracle I used to be searching for. Lori

The underside line for stopping dehydrated pores and skin: 

It takes work to carry water in your pores and skin when the relative humidity is lower than 85%. Replenish pores and skin lipids with the moisturizers and oils. Bind water contained in the layers of your pores and skin with humectants. Choose merchandise with the precise substances in your pores and skin oil manufacturing and for face versus arm, leg or physique issues. Figuring out it will make it easier to to maintain your pores and skin supple, dewy, mushy and properly hydrated regardless of how dry the climate is, how previous you’re, or how oily your pores and skin is. 

Heat Regards,

Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist


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