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How one can Layer Tretinoin with Different Pores and skin Care Merchandise

How one can layer tretinoin is such a steadily requested query that I will tackle it as we speak. I acquired this wonderful query from a reader and I needed to make it right into a weblog publish. It takes a village!

Expensive Dr. Bailey, Thanks a lot in your very informative weblog. I’ve discovered loads from studying your articles, however I’m nonetheless slightly confused almost about when to use all of the merchandise. Do I perceive accurately that if I placed on the Green Tea Antioxidant Cream proper after washing my face then I can layer both with vitamin C, glycolic acid or tretinoin cream? After which moisturizer on prime of this?

Do I would like to attend earlier than layering one skincare product or can one go on prime of one other proper after making use of?

Say if I exploit Inexperienced Tea Cream, then prescription tretinoin after which moisturizer, will this not dilute the impact of the tretinoin? Alis

Whats up Alis, You ask a superb query that everybody shares. The reply is definitely a part of the ‘superb factors’ of a robust anti-aging skincare routine. Good for you for selecting up on this, and thanks for creating the chance to assist others with it as properly! The rationale you might be confused is that, truthfully talking, no research have actually been executed concerning particular person product purposes. Plus, opinions even amongst dermatologists will differ. That is why you get conflicting suggestions.

I’ve created custom-made, complicated layered skincare routines for years for my sufferers and the proof is at all times within the outcomes. I’ve discovered what works and what does not. 

Dr. Bailey's Ageless Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit

I created my Ageless Rejuvenation Skin Care Kit to assist in giving folks confidence with layering a state-of-the-art anti-aging skincare routine. On this package, I’ve included all of the merchandise one wants for highly effective, confirmed, medical-grade anti-aging skincare. I exploit all of those merchandise for my very own skincare routine to maintain my now 64-year-old pores and skin as wholesome and glowing as I can. I alternate tretinoin with the package’s Retinol Cream as a result of it’s simpler to make use of. Beneath, I describe learn how to layer a routine like this.  

How one can construct a skincare routine to maximise outcomes


The key to creating a robust and complexion reworking skincare routine is to construct what I name Complete Skin Care™. This implies giving the pores and skin all the things it wants together with your skincare routine within the 4 important steps of: 


In constructing a routine I additionally use widespread sense and the precept of making use of water-based (skinny) merchandise first adopted by oil/occlusive (thicker and extra viscous) merchandise on prime.  Ideally, it will assist product substances diffuse into the pores and skin. 

Dermatologist’s Suggestions for Layering Anti-Growing old Pores and skin Care Merchandise

daytime skin care layering AM Anti-Growing old Pores and skin Care Routine Layering 

Best skin cleansers

CLEANSE with a pH balanced pores and skin cleanser such because the Extremely Gentle Cleanser within the Package. Use heat water, not sizzling, and your fingers or a delicate exfoliating sponge. It is very important rinse pores and skin properly. If you happen to like utilizing a toner, use one a non-drying toner similar to my Naturally Hydrating Pore Minimizing Toner made with natural witch hazel and rose hydrosol. 


CORRECT by apply the Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy (a really gentle water-based product) proper after washing to load pores and skin with the most effective confirmed skincare antioxidants to combat free radical pores and skin injury. I let that dry to the contact. I then layer different age reversing merchandise similar to Glycolic Acid Anti-Aging Face Cream proper on prime of it. Glycolic acid medical-grade merchandise brighten the complexion, lighten pigment issues, stimulate collagen renewal to combat pores and skin thinning and wrinkling and induce pores and skin hyaluronic acid manufacturing! It is a powerhouse ingredient for the reversal of pores and skin getting old. It may be irritating so on days the place your pores and skin is delicate, I like to recommend you skip the glycolic acid.  

best moisturizers to layer in antiaging skin care

HYDRATE: Enrich pores and skin barrier parts similar to ceramides by layering the Daily Moisturizing Face Cream. On days the place you’ve utilized the Glycolic Acid Cream, the bottom is moisturizing and covers this necessary step.

best sunscreens to layer in anti aging skin care

PROTECT:  Day by day mineral zinc sunscreen is utilized subsequent. I favor a facial product with iron oxide to additionally assist scale back seen and blue digital machine gentle identified to additionally contribute to pores and skin pigment issues. That’s the reason I’ve included my Sheer Strength Pure Physical Matte Tinted SPF 30 Sunscreen in my Ageless Rejuvenation Package. 

If used, make-up would go on prime. I favor a dusting of mineral makeup on prime of those nice merchandise in order that no extra liquid product is added.

bedtime layered antiaging skin care routine  PM Anti-Growing old Pores and skin Care Routine Layering:

Best skin cleansersCLEANSE together with your pH balanced cleanser, heat water and rinse very well to take away make-up, grime, air pollution and product residue in order that your bedtime merchandise will penetrate properly when you sleep. 


best moisturizers to layer in antiaging skin care

CORRECT and HYDRATE steps at night time could differ relying on the merchandise for use and simply how a lot your distinctive complexion can tolerate as a result of glycolic acid and retinoids could cause irritation. Some folks solely use tretinoin however most will alternate tretinoin with the simpler to tolerate Retinol Night Cream within the Package. The Retinol Cream incorporates the identical excessive focus inexperienced tea antioxidants and so it’s a two-fer. Which means that when utilizing the Retinol Cream, there is no such thing as a want to use Inexperienced Tea. Conversely, some folks with actually tolerant complexions could mix Retinol (and even tretinoin) and Glycolic acid collectively. Thus, there are 4 bedtime layering choices: 

  1. For my sufferers utilizing tretinoin, I’ve them apply the Inexperienced Tea Cream after cleaning, layer with the Day by day Face Cream, wait 15+ minutes or extra after which apply Tretinoin proper earlier than lights out. (Keep in mind that retinoids are inactivated by light.) The 15+ minute wait helps scale back the chance of tretinoin induced retinoid dermatitis a standard problem for a lot of tretinoin customers. 
  2. For these nights the place Retinol Night time Cream is used, my sufferers apply the Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night time Cream proper after cleaning then layer the Day by day Moisturizing Night time Cream
  3. For these complexions that may tolerate Retinol plus Glycolic Acid concurrently, I’ve them apply Retinol Night time Cream adopted by Glycolic Acid Face Cream.
  4. Complexions that may tolerate tretinoin and glycolic acid will layer Inexperienced Tea then sometimes Glycolic Acid. They wait quarter-hour and apply tretinoin earlier than turning out the lights. (Tretinoin is a prescription so your treating MD should approve this combo!)

A pores and skin skilled’s notice concerning learn how to use tretinoin:

dr cynthia bailey tips on how to use tretinoinSome docs say there is no such thing as a want to attend fifteen minutes earlier than making use of tretinoin. I discover that delicate complexions want the fifteen-minute wait. Additionally, tretinoin and retinol are inactivated by gentle, so I inform folks to place them on at bedtime as shut as attainable earlier than turning out the lights. After all, tretinoin is a prescription drugs and utilization have to be guided by one’s prescribing doctor.  – Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

You possibly can see why anti-aging skincare is difficult and complicated to many individuals. As a result of most of us wish to maximize the outcomes of our anti-aging skincare routine, we wish to use the most effective and strongest merchandise that our pores and skin will tolerate and be actually exact about how we layer them.  


Thanks for asking such a superb query that many individuals have to know.

Dr. Bailey's Ageless Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Skin Care Kit

To be taught extra about my Ageless Rejuvenation Skin Care Kit click here. 

Heat Regards,

Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist

Disclaimer: Please notice that availing your self of the chance to submit and obtain solutions to your questions from Dr. Bailey doesn’t confer a health care provider/affected person relationship with Dr. Bailey. The data offered by Dr. Bailey is normal well being info impressed by your query. It shouldn’t be an alternative to acquiring medical recommendation out of your doctor and isn’t supposed to diagnose or deal with any particular medical drawback (and isn’t an extension of the care Dr. Bailey has offered in her workplace for current sufferers of her follow). By no means ignore your personal physician’s recommendation due to one thing you learn right here; this info is for normal informational objective solely. 

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