What Are The Advantages Of A Turmeric Face Masks?

Are turmeric face masks definitely worth the hype? Whereas many people know turmeric as a staple spice within the kitchen, it might additionally maintain promise as a skincare ingredient. With its vibrant yellow hue, turmeric has gained a glowing repute within the magnificence world, and you’ve got seemingly seen suggestions for turmeric face masks popping up in your social media feeds. However are they value attempting?

In the event you’ve solely ever imagined reaching for this spice to your culinary escapades, suppose once more. From brightening darkish undereye circles to creating an invigorated, glowing complexion, you could be shocked at how a turmeric face masks advantages your pores and skin. 

Benefits Of Turmeric | Turmeric Face Mask FAQs | Turmeric Energizing Treatment Vs DIY Turmeric Face Mask | How To Use The Turmeric Energizing Treatment 


Advantages Of Utilizing Turmeric For Your Pores and skin

Turmeric owes its anti-inflammatory and pigment-inhibiting properties to its energetic compounds, collectively known as curcuminoids. Amongst these, curcumin stands out as a very powerful, offering potent anti-inflammatory results and successfully inhibiting tyrosinase — the enzyme accountable for activating pigment manufacturing. With its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-everything properties, turmeric skincare is the way in which to go if you wish to obtain head-to-toe radiance.

Listed below are some turmeric quick information round its advantages for the pores and skin.

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Curcumin, which is present in turmeric, considerably lowers ranges of inflammatory markers within the physique. “Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial — these properties assist tighten pores and enhance pores and skin tone and pH steadiness,” says Dr. Taz Bhatia MD, Integrative Well being Skilled, and Founder and Medical Director, CentrespringMD. 

2. Helps To Deal with Zits

This spice’s highly effective anti-inflammatory properties can enhance scarring and dark spots left behind by zits, whereas lowering redness and soothing irritated pores and skin. As Dr. Bhatia explains, “In Ayurvedic drugs, turmeric was additionally blended with yogurt to reduce zits.”

Moreover, turmeric’s antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties could assist stop clogged pores, breakouts or cut back present ones.

3. Brightens Undereyes

In the event you’re involved with darkish eye circles, turmeric’s properties assist to brighten darkish undereye circles and convey out your pure glow. Turmeric additionally works properly to cut back any puffiness in your eye space.

4. Reduces Indicators Of Growing old

This golden root helps diminish the looks of wrinkles, retains pores and skin supple and improves pores and skin’s elasticity. You may be considering that turmeric looks as if a magical ingredient! We actually suppose so. So, how precisely must you be utilizing turmeric in your skincare routine? Turmeric face masks are extraordinarily standard, however there’s a distinction between a DIY turmeric face masks and an expert remedy. 

Turmeric Face Masks FAQs

Is Turmeric Good For A Face Masks?

Sure, turmeric is an efficient ingredient in a face masks because it exfoliates and awakens the pores and skin in order that it seems to be reinvigorated and clear. 

Will A Turmeric Face Masks Stain My Pores and skin?

Whereas turmeric by itself could go away a yellow stain on the pores and skin, this isn’t a difficulty when it’s professionally formulated into skincare merchandise. We suggest avoiding DIY turmeric face masks and as a substitute suggest utilizing our personal expertly formulated skincare merchandise.

What Does Turmeric Do For Your Face?

Turmeric helps pores and skin well being to cut back breakouts and accommodates anti-inflammatory properties to enhance pores and skin tone. It additionally improves zits scarring and brightens darkish undereye circles.

Does A Turmeric Masks Cut back The Indicators Of Growing old?

Turmeric can decrease the indicators of getting old by decreasing the looks of wonderful traces and wrinkles, retaining the pores and skin supple and enhancing the pores and skin’s elasticity.

Does Turmeric Make Your Pores and skin Clear?

Sure, turmeric could make the pores and skin seem clearer and clean resulting from its antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties. It calms the look of infected pores and skin and is understood to attenuate scarring. 

Turmeric Energizing Therapy Vs DIY Turmeric Face Masks

We all know what you’re considering — can’t I simply create a DIY turmeric face masks at dwelling? Combine some turmeric and apple cider vinegar collectively? The concept of blending a masks up within the kitchen could be very interesting and is often touted as an ideal resolution on social media. Nevertheless, an expert skincare product will give you security and actual outcomes you could’t obtain with a DIY masks. It comes all the way down to the formulation, focus degree and substances that you simply’ll discover in skilled skincare corporations’ merchandise. Moreover, while you combine up a DIY concoction at dwelling, you’ll be able to’t make certain that the ingredient proportions are perfect for the pores and skin. Formulation made by magnificence chemists eradicate this challenge. 

Product Picks

Eminence Organics Turmeric Energizing Treatment

Turmeric Energizing Treatment


Our Turmeric Mask Energizing Treatment blends turmeric, citrine gem stones and zeolite, designed to exfoliate and enliven your pores and skin. Kaolin clay cleanses deeply and brings out impurities within the pores and skin with out stripping moisture. Paprika is included within the combine, leading to a vibrant, glowing complexion. Zeolite works to exfoliate, clean, and tighten the pores and skin, whereas the remedy’s distinctive powder-to-mousse texture creates a stimulating and refreshing expertise. This multi-functional masks serves as a 3-in-1 remedy, performing as a stimulant, exfoliant and masks to awaken the pores and skin and eradicate impurities. Because the masks dries, the kaolin clay purifies the pores and skin for a really invigorating remedy.

As our Lead Pores and skin Care Coach, Natalie Pergar, explains: “This remedy is unbelievable for uninteresting or congested pores and skin, and it may additionally add positivity into your routine due to the highly effective results of citrine gem stones.” 

How To Use The Turmeric Energizing Therapy 

Infographic: How To Use The Turmeric Energizing Treatment


Are you able to enliven your complexion with Turmeric Energizing Therapy? All you need to do is dispense one small scoop of powder (about 1 teaspoon) into the outer cap. Step by step stir in a couple of drops of water till the feel seems to be like mousse. The really useful ratio is 4 components powder to three components water. Subsequent, apply a skinny layer to your complete face, extending to the neck and décolleté.

You may let it dry for 10 – half-hour. Rinse with tepid water, massaging gently to exfoliate. Do not be alarmed, as a scorching tingling sensation can final for a couple of minutes and is an meant impact of this product. For a milder impact, dilute with extra water.

To study extra about this turmeric face masks and the way finest to use it, watch Natalie on this In The Combine video. 

Join along with your nearest Eminence Organics Spa Partner to study extra about the advantages of turmeric and our Turmeric Energizing Therapy with citrine gem stones.

This text was first written in October 2020.

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