Spouse Sues Husband’s Dentist Following His Demise


A girl in Horry County has filed a wrongful death suit in opposition to her husband’s dentist, Taurean Hodges, and his observe after her husband sustained deadly accidents whereas underneath their care.

Kenneth Williamson attended Inlet Premier Implant and Beauty Dentistry for really helpful remedy of tartar and extractions on August 26, 2020. He was on plenty of drugs, resembling blood stress and prescription muscle relaxers. Flora Williamson claims correct medical evaluation and sedation weren’t adopted contemplating her husband’s medical circumstances.

“Hodges had beforehand prescribed 4 .25 milligram tablets of Halcion with the instruction to take 4 tablets half-hour earlier than the appointment, based on the go well with. This was 4 instances the utmost really helpful dosage for Williamson’s medical circumstances and drugs,” studies The Solar Information.

The go well with additionally alleges that no displays had been locations on Williamson and that Hodges was practising sedation with no allow.

Read more on this suit from The Sun News.

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