Pure vs Vegan vs Licensed Natural

Pure vs Vegan vs Licensed Natural: De-Coding The Labels

In immediately’s world, as extra individuals grow to be aware about their life-style selections, it’s important to grasp the variations between numerous labels and certifications related to merchandise. Among the many most typical labels are “pure vs vegan vs licensed natural.” Though these phrases could seem comparable, they’ve distinct meanings. Let’s unravel the dissimilarities between these labels, enabling you to make knowledgeable selections in regards to the merchandise you eat.


The label “pure” implies {that a} product originates from or makes use of substances present in nature. Nonetheless, producers interpret the time period “pure” in another way because it lacks a standardized definition. On the whole, pure merchandise endure minimal processing and exclude synthetic components, sulfates, and artificial substances. They usually spotlight the usage of botanicals, minerals, and different naturally occurring parts. Nonetheless, whereas “pure” implies a better connection to nature, it is very important learn the ingredient listing to make sure the product aligns along with your private preferences.


The label “vegan” on a product signifies that it excludes any animal-derived substances or by-products and has undergone no animal testing. Vegan merchandise are developed to uphold animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and particular person moral beliefs. Typical animal-derived substances averted in vegan merchandise encompass lanolin, keratin, collagen, and beeswax. It’s value noting that simply because a product is vegan, doesn’t imply the product is free from artificial substances.

Licensed Natural

The label “licensed natural” signifies {that a} product has met particular requirements and laws established by licensed certification our bodies. Natural certification ensures that the product is produced utilizing strategies that prioritize ecological stability, biodiversity, and the avoidance of artificial substances akin to pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Licensed natural merchandise carry a seal or brand from an accredited certification physique, verifying their compliance with these stringent requirements. To qualify as natural, each the substances and the manufacturing processes should meet the prescribed standards.


  • Pure: Emphasizes the usage of naturally occurring substances, nonetheless, it lacks a standardized definition.
  • Vegan: Ensures the absence of animal-derived substances or by-products, together with testing on animals.
  • Licensed Natural: Requires the usage of substances produced with out artificial substances, pesticides, or GMOs.

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Pure vs Vegan vs Licensed Natural

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