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By now, we’re all fairly properly versed in hyaluronic acid and the hydration halo it carries for quenching and plumping the pores and skin. Let’s simply say one other ingredient with a crown of sunshine has skyrocketed to holy grail standing within the skincare universe. Alas, polyglutamic acid! And it has made its manner down into a number of the most heavenly pure pores and skin merchandise.

Name it hyaluronic acid’s super-charged sibling, polyglutamic acid is a saint at holding extra water in your pores and skin and giving an total moisturized, plumper, and rejuvenated complexion. Whereas we have now praised hyaluronic acid to the skies, it doesn’t imply it’s going to offer its seat as much as polyglutamic acid.

There are occasions when one acid may be most popular over the opposite. Let’s reveal extra concerning the enigma that’s polyglutamic acid, its skincare virtues and comparisons with hyaluronic acid, and the very best merchandise that function this pint-sized ray of sunshine.

Demystifying Polyglutamic Acid

Earlier than we will delve into why polyglutamic acid is having its time within the spotgentle, there’s one burning query that must be addressed – and we aren’t going to maintain anybody in suspense. Exactly what’s polyglutamic acid? Merely breaking it down, “glutamic acid” is an amino acid.

Amino acids mix to type proteins, that are the constructing blocks of pores and skin (and life), together with principally, collagen, some of the important supplies in our pores and skin. Glutamic acid aids in hydrating and conditioning the pores and skin. Polyglutamic acid is created when tons or “poly” of glutamic acid molecules are linked collectively.

So, that ought to (hopefully) make the ultra-sciency ingredient slightly clearer and friendlier for skincare fanatics. Polyglutamic acid is present in natto, a conventional Japanese dish comprised of fermented soybeans.

Polyglutamic acid is a humectant skincare ingredient. A humectant is designed to handle pores and skin hydration by not solely preserving the present moisture within the pores and skin and diminishing escaping moisture but additionally by drawing moisture from the surroundings to maintain the pores and skin hydrated longer. Pores and skin hydration is likely one of the keys to easy, supple, and ageless pores and skin.

Evaluating Polyglutamic Acid with Hyaluronic Acid

What places polyglutamic acid in pores and skin superstardom amongst a number of different pores and skin hydration all-stars? Many people are comfy turning to the well-loved hyaluronic acid when our pores and skin wants a hydration increase, so how does this ingredient differ? Fairly just like hyaluronic acid, polyglutamic acid is proven to be a supercharged model of this standard skincare ingredient.

How supernova? Polyglutamic acid holds 4 instances extra moisture than hyaluronic acid! How’s that for a tall drink of moisture?! One of many foremost causes we’d snatch polyglutamic acid over one other widespread humectant like hyaluronic acid is just that it’s proven to be far more hydrating. For dry or delicate pores and skin varieties, or these struggling unintended effects of pores and skin and pimples remedies, a hydration powerhouse like it is a recreation changer – and why it could be most popular over hyaluronic acid.

One more reason polyglutamic acid makes such a distinction with skincare is the textural restore we will obtain with this ingredient. One of many foremost advantages of polyglutamic acid comes from diminishing pores and skin texture, like the looks of pores, scars, and wonderful traces. Polyglutamic acid helps to blur away that texture, or plump up pitted scars and restore elasticity for smoother, extra supple and dewy, bouncy pores and skin.

Lastly, essentially the most vital differentiator between polyglutamic acid and its smaller hydrating sibling, is that whereas hyaluronic acid is efficient for pores and skin hydration, it’s already native to the dermis and pores and skin cell construction. Hyaluronic acid naturally happens within the physique, and it can be utilized in skincare from a supplementary standpoint.

However once we add polyglutamic acid to our skincare routine, we’re giving our pores and skin a profit that it wouldn’t have entry to naturally. As a consequence of polyglutamic acid’s bigger molecular dimension than hyaluronic acid, it will possibly penetrate the pores and skin’s higher layers for multi-level hydration. As a result of it has a better capability for hydration than HA, it merely takes first place in our hydration arsenal.


Advantages of Polyglutamic Acid for Pores and skin

If this hydration hero wore a cape, its celebrity powers could be its stellar skill to hydrate pores and skin and its spectacular absorption properties. Why is hydration for all pores and skin varieties SO essential? As we talked about, pores and skin hydration is important for wholesome pores and skin; we would even argue that it’s the most essential side of skincare.

We all know that when the pores and skin is dry and struggling to realize hydration, these little pores and skin cracks and crevices depart us in danger for a number of pores and skin irritations. On the pores and skin sort flip aspect, if pores and skin is oily and having a tough time staying balanced, we’re in danger for clogged pores, breakouts, and pimples. In a pores and skin shell, hydration is our first line of protection in opposition to something – from the surroundings to micro organism!

Past breakouts and rashes, pores and skin that isn’t correctly hydrated is extra prone to present indicators of ageing. As this pores and skin hydration acid rejuvenates the pores and skin, it helps to decrease the looks of enlarged pores, wonderful traces, and normal pores and skin texture, in addition to helps revive the pores and skin’s pure bounce and glow.

As a humectant, polyglutamic acid doesn’t simply hold the pores and skin wanting plump and dewy; it additionally retains the pores and skin protected. Not solely does it draw water into the cells, nevertheless it additionally types a protecting movie in your pores and skin that prevents water from evaporating. Past that, polyglutamic acid is likely one of the finest choices in terms of security and stability for all pores and skin varieties, particularly delicate pores and skin.

Incorporating Polyglutamic Acid into Your Skincare Routine

We love discovering skincare substances to help our delicate pores and skin of us, and polyglutamic acid is an possibility that – for essentially the most half – works for everybody. We will’t see why anybody of any pores and skin sort would wish to miss out on the enjoyable with this ingredient. So, let’s discover ways to incorporate this tremendous hydrator into the dream group of pure skincare merchandise.

The first step: Cleanse your pores and skin, then apply toner.

Step two: Subsequent, apply an antioxidant serum with polyglutamic acid, and permit its heavenly moisture to achieve these deeper ranges of your pores and skin.

Step three: Subsequent, apply moisturizer with polyglutamic acid for even larger hydration ranges and to lock all of the moisture goodness in.

Step 4: Sun protection must be used on daily basis – particularly if acids are included in your routine. It ought to all the time go on final. The one factor it is best to layer over sunscreen is powder, concealer, or basis.

Listed below are some suggestions for working with this ingredient.

Tip #1: Polyglutamic acid is delicate sufficient for use morning, night time, or each morning and night. For regular, mixture, and oily pores and skin varieties, this product could also be finest utilized for in a single day pores and skin rehydration and pores and skin restore.

Tip #2: Finest utilized in a serum, essence, or moisturizer, polyglutamic acid is finest delivered in between the serum and moisturizing steps of any routine.

Tip #3: Whereas it pairs properly with a number of different energy gamers – equivalent to retinol, vitamin C, and niacinamide – it’s finest to restrict the lively substances on the pores and skin to cut back the chance of irritation.

Tip #4: Dry pores and skin, recovering pores and skin, mature pores and skin, and acneic pores and skin varieties can actually profit essentially the most from this unimaginable ingredient.

PRO-TIP: We all the time suggest testing with a patch take a look at besides, this delicate and mild ingredient is so exhausting at work serving to to instill mega hydration that the chance of irritation is virtually little to none.


100% PURE Polyglutamic Acid Merchandise

Now that we’ve mentioned how polyglutamic acid advantages the pores and skin and tips on how to use it, let’s speak about the place you’ll find it! We’re over the moon and stars with our polyglutamic acid! It’s uniquely vegan and is comprised of natto beans!

Natto accommodates lecithin, which is a pores and skin softening, conditioning, and smoothing agent, in addition to vitamin E, which is a robust antioxidant and helps to forestall pores and skin injury from free radicals, maintaining your pores and skin wanting brilliant, younger, and wholesome.

Listed below are a couple of of the very best skincare merchandise that includes polyglutamic acid!

Puristry Flower Water Toner

This hydrating face toner is crammed with skin-loving vitamins that your dermis will drink up. It options optimum hydration due to undiluted floral hydrosols like rose, calendula, and witch hazel to calm and make clear pores and skin for a wholesome glow. The addition of hyaluronic acid quenches thirsty pores and skin cells, whereas polyglutamic acid from natto beans delivers further hydration to the pores and skin’s floor and beneath layers. Let nature revitalize your pores and skin and unlock its full potential.

Black Tea Grass Jelly Anti-oxidant Serum

Increase pores and skin’s protection in opposition to free radicals and ageing with our concentrated antioxidant serum. Infused with Puerh black tea leaves, this method plumps and companies your pores and skin whereas effectively absorbing it to hydrate and nourish it. Expertise the right base for flawless make-up software as you indulge within the final pores and skin safety and nourishment.

Black Tea Grass Jelly Anti-oxidant Moisturizer

This moisturizer options Black Tea and Grass Jelly to assuage the pores and skin and supply sturdy safety in opposition to free radicals. With its deep-penetrating method, it successfully fights indicators of ageing by delivering intense hydration. The concentrated antioxidants present in Puerh black tea defend the pores and skin from injury attributable to free radicals, just like how sunblock protects in opposition to the solar.

Watermelon Cucumber Water Locking Serum

They are saying three is a crowd, however they haven’t met our watermelon-cucumber trio! Our intensely hydrating hydrogel serum locks in watermelon hydrosol to revitalize dehydrated pores and skin cells with skin-plumping polyglutamic acid from fermented natto beans and moisture-retaining hyaluronic acid. It additionally accommodates plant-based rice ceramide to assist restore your pores and skin’s protecting barrier operate by reinforcing its lipid content material.

Watermelon Cucumber Water Locking Moisturizer

Our long-lasting moisturizer hydrates, plumps, rejuvenates, and smooths pores and skin with watermelon hydrosol and cucumber waters, hyaluronic acid (from candy potatoes), and polyglutamic acids (from natto beans). This face dream cream helps to advertise cell regeneration and reduce the indicators of ageing with moisture-locking Irish Moss Extract, plus antioxidant olive squalane to supply long-lasting hydration with out a greasy really feel.

Watermelon Cucumber Water Locking Mist

Ending off this trio, our ultra-hydrating water mist naturally reinvigorates dehydrated pores and skin cells and reduces the indicators of ageing by locking in cactus juice, watermelon hydrosol, and hyaluronic acid to quench and plump pores and skin. The addition of olive squalene helps restore dry, tough pores and skin by moisturizing and softening it, whereas additionally soothing redness or irritation attributable to delicate pores and skin. It leaves you with a moisturized but non-greasy really feel – good for on a regular basis use!

FAQs About Polyglutamic Acid (PGA)

Can PGA be used with different lively substances?

Whereas it pairs properly with a number of different lively substances, like retinol, vitamin C, and niacinamide, it’s finest to include one lively at a time till your pores and skin is accustomed to it, particularly when you’ve got super-dry pores and skin or delicate pores and skin to cut back the chance of irritation.

How shortly can I count on to see outcomes from utilizing PGA?

With constant software, you possibly can count on to see outcomes, equivalent to a lift in glow and hydration, as early as to weeks, with enhancements in pores and skin texture and tone the longer you utilize it.

Are there any potential unintended effects or dangers related to PGA?

Considered one of polyglutamic acid’s stellar properties is its skill to hydrate and soothe delicate pores and skin varieties. That makes it typically secure to make use of on any pores and skin sort. After all, it’s all the time a good suggestion to patch take a look at when you’ve got very dry pores and skin or tremendous pores and skin sensitivities.

Can PGA be used on delicate pores and skin?

Polyglutamic acid is analogous in profile to different humectants like hyaluronic acid, that means it is best for dehydrated pores and skin however can profit all complexions. It is light – so even delicate pores and skin can take pleasure in it with out concern of irritation or redness.

Does PGA change the necessity for a moisturizer?

No. You’ll nonetheless have to comply with up with a moisturizer and one which accommodates SPF!

Let’s simply say the celebs aligned when polyglutamic acid emerged on the skincare scene. With the treasure trove of advantages, equivalent to its superior hydration powers and trapping important moisture within the pores and skin for the last word dewy complexion, your pores and skin must be glowing and moist very quickly!

No matter whether or not you’re coping with dry pores and skin, oily pores and skin, or mixture pores and skin, polyglutamic acid will take your complexion to the following stage. It’s a real skincare gem for a balanced and wholesome complexion you’ve all the time dreamed about – and may now have! Now, you possibly can thank your fortunate stars.

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