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Procedures That Can Tighten The Neck– And Renee’s Expertise With Them

It’s no information to me, an esthetician of 30+ years, that folks neglect their necks on the subject of skincare. The truth is, I usually be sure my associates, household, and shoppers are making use of their merchandise appropriately by asking them to display how they apply their sunscreen. Extra instances than not, I’ll watch them apply it to their face after which apply no matter is leftover on their fingertips to their neck– which is way from a beneficiant software. What I wish to emphasize is that our necks are an extension of our faces, in addition to one of many first areas to indicate seen indicators of ageing. Taking the right steps to care for our necks day in and time out is extremely vital, don’t get me incorrect. Nevertheless it’s vital to notice that skincare alone has limitations. As we age, our our bodies and muscle tissue naturally bear adjustments which will require different options.

So, What Do You Want To Know About The Neck?

Positioned instantly beneath the pores and skin in our necks is the platysma muscle. This muscle serves little or no objective in people besides to guard the deeper neck constructions. With age, this neck muscle begins to loosen and descend, inflicting the telltale indicators of ageing, or sagging vertical neck bands (also called the “turkey gobbler” – a stunning phrase LOL!). Whereas that is fully regular, it’s one thing that I personally have undergone a wide range of therapies for. As some proved more practical than others, I’m right here to offer perception to these of you on the market searching for skilled procedures (surgical and non-surgical) to tighten the neck.

Let me introduce you to my private board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Lam to debate what modern-day drugs can do for anybody battling seen indicators of ageing across the neck. Let’s dive in!

Non-Surgical Choices To Tighten The Neck

Botox for Platysmal Bands

Botox therapies are a minimally invasive and efficient remedy for tremendous traces and wrinkles. By injecting botox into the sides of the platysmal vertical neck bands each three to 4 months, the muscle tissue will start to melt and change into much less seen. “Botox injections will help with early neck ageing, decrease visibility of the vertical neck bands, and delay the necessity for a face and neck raise,” says Dr. Lam. “Nonetheless, in reasonable to superior neck sagging, solely a facelift will assist ameliorate these bands, as Botox will show ineffective to handle this extra pronounced sagging.”

Learn extra about how Botox can improve your appearance (and high quality of life!).

Radiofrequency Microneedle

Radiofrequency microneedling is a type of managed pores and skin damage that stimulates the expansion of wholesome new pores and skin through the use of a tremendous needle to create micro-wounds within the pores and skin. What separates this process from common microneedling is the needle’s skill to launch radiofrequency into the pores and skin, inflicting extra harm and leading to thicker, smoother pores and skin. “For non-surgical therapies, I consider that radiofrequency microneedle will help with enhancing pores and skin tone and crepiness,” says Dr. Lam.

This type of microneedling can also be a standard skilled remedy for pimples scars— but is it worth it?


Mesobotox is a beauty process that makes use of a microneedle to inject small quantities of diluted botox all through the face, typically within the T-zone. This treats the pores and skin high quality, like pores, texture, tone, wrinkles, and horizontal traces. “Sadly, most individuals in america nonetheless don’t recognize Mesobotox despite the fact that it’s the most potent methodology of pores and skin rejuvenation on the market, is secure in all pores and skin sorts, with no long-term dangers, with profound long-term outcomes, and with little downtime,” says Dr. Lam, including that he prefers it to radiofrequency microneedle, because it achieves related ends with much less subcutaneous scarring.


Kybella is a non-surgical injectable approach that targets fats beneath the chin. Based on Dr. Lam, any type of subcutaneous neck fats discount is a mistake. “The issue with fullness within the neck truly doesn’t reside within the subcutaneous airplane (instantly underneath the overlying pores and skin) however within the airplane that’s deep to the platysma muscle,” says Dr. Lam, including that the process dangers issues equivalent to untimely ageing. This process exposes the underlying platysma muscle with out offering any main enchancment.

Different Minimally Invasive Procedures

Whereas there are different non-surgical therapies like Ulthera, Thermage, and plenty of extra, Dr.Lam advises in opposition to these, saying they “don’t present a lot neck rejuvenation and might result in unpredictable subcutaneous scarring.” Whereas standard previously, he says minimally invasive procedures like threadlifts could cause extra hurt than good.

As for laser therapies, it’s vital to tread rigorously. Lasers, particularly any type of ablative laser (the place the pores and skin is burned off), have a excessive threat of scarring as a result of neck’s lack of adequate oil glands.

Examine my expertise with Vbeam laser remedy for Poikiloderma here.

Surgical Choices To Tighten The Neck


Liposuction is a beauty surgical procedure that goals to take away undesired fats from the physique (and neck, too!) and is among the hottest plastic surgical procedures on the earth. Nonetheless, Dr. Lam believes any use of liposuction to be simply as problematic as Kybella.

Neck Raise and Face Raise

Neck and facelifts are particularly designed to handle sagging– and they’ve come a long way. Based on Dr. Lam, neck lifts are the preferable surgical possibility, and will be carried out in isolation or mixed with a facelift. Questioning for those who’re a very good candidate for this process? Dr. Lam says that these approaching or exceeding 40 years or coping with sagging alongside the jawline would profit, as long as there isn’t a extreme neck fullness. “The way in which that I can simply inform if somebody wants a deep neck raise is to easily pull again on the neck tissues with my fingers and if there’s nonetheless fullness, then a deep neck raise mixed with a facelift is the way in which to go,” says Dr. Lam. “Nonetheless, if the sag is totally taken care of then a regular deep-plane facelift is adequate.”

For extra on this difficult process, see Dr. Lam’s detailed 5-part video series.

Topical Choices To Tighten The Neck

Whereas sagging is a pure (and regular!) a part of ageing, there are issues we are able to do to delay it. My finest recommendation for these seeking to postpone the onset of sagging is to make use of sunscreen and active skincare ingredients that encourage elasticity. A every day software of SPF to your neck and face is one of the simplest ways to guard your pores and skin from the #1 explanation for untimely ageing: the solar. I additionally love to make use of Triple Berry Smoothing Scrub at the least twice per week on my neck, as bodily exfoliation is actually vital for making it look smoother. 

Procedures I’ve Finished To Tighten My Personal Neck

The primary time I thought-about getting work accomplished on my neck was after listening to about one in all my shopper’s experiences with Botox for platysmal bands. As somebody with a low quantity of physique fats and a 9-year historical past of clenching my jaw tightly whereas doing CrossFit, I had developed fairly outstanding platysmal bands myself. (Platysmal bands will be extra pronounced for these like me who raise weights and make facial expressions whereas doing so.) Whereas I used to be diligent about sunscreen and anti-aging care, these bands had been nonetheless one thing that I felt had change into unpleasant with age. This led me to hunt out options.

Once I began seeing Dr. Lam, he started injecting somewhat little bit of Botox into my platysma muscle to tighten it. Nonetheless, because of my prolonged weightlifting historical past, the Botox wasn’t doing as a lot as we had hoped. It was then that we determined to go ahead with surgical procedure, particularly platysmaplasty.  The process required an incision underneath the chin and I did should go underneath anesthesia. General, I’ve undoubtedly seen enchancment. My platysmal bands didn’t totally disappear, seemingly as a result of reality I nonetheless raise weights and have decrease physique fats, however I’m very proud of my outcomes.

All in all, there are a number of efficient surgical and non-surgical strategies to rejuvenate and tighten the neck, equivalent to Botox, radiofrequency microneedling, Mesobotox, and neck and facelifts. Now which one is best for you? That’s one thing that can rely in your particular person anatomy, age, life-style, and many others. For my energetic life-style and low physique weight, that meant platysmaplasty. It’s vital to analysis your surgeon and discover somebody who will steer you within the path of the best-fit process for you– even when which means abstaining from procedures totally because of budgetary restrictions, problematic procedures, or limitations in want for surgical procedure.

Subsequent, discover out why your sunscreen is pilling (and how you can stop it!).

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