Two Fundamental Hair Typing Methods and How To Use Them

Have you ever ever puzzled who invented and gathered all of the details about the 4 hair varieties?

We’re grateful that somebody may sit all the way down to organise and clarify all classes of hair as a result of ever since we found hair sort, it has made our hair journeys simpler. In the present day, we’ll take you thru two in style origins of hair typing programs; the way it was invented and the best way to know your hair sort utilizing these programs. 

By the tip of this text, it is best to have the ability to inform what your hair sort is.

Hair Typing Methods

Understanding your hair sort helps you develop wholesome hair. On this article, we’ll contemplate the next hair typing programs; Andre Walker’s Curl typing system and the L.O.I.S typing programs. 

1. Andre Walker’s Curl Typing System 

Historical past

The hair-typing approach developed by André Walker was created in 1997. It was first developed to advertise hair care merchandise. This technique was warmly embraced and has gained a lot reputation over time. 

He categorised hair into 4 varieties: straight as sort 1, wavy as sort 2, curly as sort 3, and coily as sort 4. Though every class was quite simple at first, over time, the subcategories a, b, and c have been regularly created to categorise all hair varieties additional inside every group.

The assorted hair varieties, based on Andre walker, embrace:

Kind 1 Kind 1 hair is straight and might be categorised into 1a, 1b, and 1c. 

  • Kind 1a: The kind 1a hair is 100% straight, very comfortable, and glossy, and there’s no visibility of any curl sample or wave. This makes it troublesome to twist. One other factor that sort 1a hair has is the presence of a really wonderful texture, and due to this, the hair is susceptible to a lot shedding as hair can simply fall out. This hair might be oily and troublesome to wreck.
  • Kind 1b: This Hair is characterised by a medium-thick texture, and though nonetheless constantly straight, its quantity is greater than that of the kind 1a hair. Wanting intently at this hair sort, you’ll discover that the straight hair has a delicate bend in comparison with sort 1a  hair.
  • Kind 1c: Kind 1c has a thick, coarse texture which is normally fuller and has extra quantity. Though straight, it has slight bends which can be extra seen than the opposite sort 1 hair.

Kind 2

Kind 2 hair is wavy and consists of a fine-to-coarse texture coupled with a particular S sample, and so they have three classes listed under.

  • Kind 2a: Normally has wonderful wavy hair with a big particular “S” sample wave. Kind 2a hair is less complicated to straighten or model.
  • Kind 2b: Characterised by medium-sized hair with S-shaped waves that begin from the midlength of the hair, which tends to be frizzy, and a little bit immune to styling or straighteners.
  • Kind 2c: Coarse, thick texture, which is normally very frizzy. Kind 2c waves normally begin from the roots of the hair and may be troublesome to straighten or model.

Kind 3

Kind 3 hair is characterised by curls that vary from unfastened to tight. This hair sort has a sheen, is simple to straighten, and is susceptible to frizziness. One of many superb issues about this curly hair is that it may seem straight when moist, however when it begins to dry, it goes again to its curly state. Which means the extra moisture the hair absorbs, the extra it turns into curlier.

  • Kind 3a:  Hair tends to be shiny, and a few may possess a mixture of textures. Hair is normally full and thick with particular “S” patterned curls. The quantity of definition of those curls might be associated to how lengthy the hair is.
  • Kind 3b: Has medium tight curls with a mixture of textures. 
  • Kind 3c: This hair sort shouldn’t be present in Andre Walker’s e book however might be described as hair that has tight corkscrews. The curls of this hair sort might be kinky or very tightly curled, with strands of hair which can be densely packed collectively.

Kind 4

Andre Walker described this hair sort as kinky or tightly curled. Kind 4 hair is generally wiry, very tightly coiled and fragile. It’s generally known as Afro-textured hair and is of course dry and spongy. Its texture ranges from wonderful to coarse, and its strands type very tight, small curls that might be S-shape, zig-zag or indefinite proper from the scalp. This hair sort additionally has the very best shrinkage charge and, because of its fragility, is extra susceptible to breakage.

  • Kind 4a: This hair sort consists of S-shaped coils which have the scale of a crotchet needle. Hair is tightly coiled and has a extra outlined sample.
  • Kind 4b: This hair sort is kinky, fragile and tightly curled with a much less outlined curly sample Z-shaped sample.
  • Kind 4c: This Hair Kind can also be fragile however extra tightly coiled and has no particular curl sample.

2. The L.O.I.S typing system 


Historical past

This hair typing system was created as a result of there was a must eradicate the labelling of hair varieties by their numbers. Black girls who principally fall into the Kind 4 class had an arising stigma as a result of they have been labelled because the lowest quantity.

Not like Andre walker’s system, this typing system makes use of the letters L.O.I.S. to categorise hair varieties.

 L – represents hair with bends, folds, and little or no curves.

O – represents curls or hair strands rolled as much as type the zero form.

I – represents straight hair with no particular curve or bend.

S – represents wavy hair strands with an “s” form.

Other than the letters L O I S, It additionally makes use of the feel or strand thickness of the hair to find out the hair sort.

Verify in case your hair is:

  • Thready: If the hair has a low sheen, excessive shine with low frizz.
  • Wiry: If the hair has a shiny sheen, low shine and low frizz.
  • Cottony: If the hair has a low sheen, a excessive shine and excessive frizz. 
  • Spongy: If the hair has a excessive sheen, low shine with a compacted-looking frizz. 
  • Silky: If the hair has a low sheen, a really excessive shine, with or with out the frizz. 

If you happen to began your hair care journey or hope to start out, it’s greatest to search out your hair sort. It can information you on the best way to correctly care in your hair and select the suitable merchandise that your hair must thrive. 

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