How Do You Know If You Have Kind 3 or Kind 4 Hair? (How To Determine Your Hair Varieties)

All girls’s hair varieties should not the identical. Particularly, there are 4 main hair varieties; Kind 1, Kind 2, Kind 3, and Kind 4.

By being attentive to your curl sample, you possibly can determine your hair texture. And fortunate you in case you discover out!

Figuring out your hair kind could possibly be the key to having the perfect wholesome hair you’ve at all times wished for.

It would affect the way you care for your hair, from the hair lotions to the shampoos to even how a lot warmth/warmth product you’ll apply.

You’ll begin choosing the proper merchandise, making use of the correct hair routine, and drastically decreasing the danger of damaging your hair, as soon as extra!

On this submit, we’ll look into two of the commonest hair varieties: Kind 3 and Kind 4.

We’ll talk about;

  • How one can determine your present hair kind
  • One of the best hair care ideas appropriate to your hair texture
  • And how you can preserve and improve your hair texture to your style

So with out additional ado, let’s dive in.

Firstly, What Are The Varied Sorts Of Hair Varieties

Typically, we now have 4 sorts of hair varieties; 

  • Kind 1 Hair
  • Kind 2 Hair
  • Kind 3 Hair
  • Kind 4 Hair

Photograph cred: Nappy 101

Movie star stylist Andre Walker invented this classification within the Nineties.

Andre – who occurred to be Oprah Winfrey’s official stylist – created the Andre Walker Hair Type System, which labeled girls’s hair into 4 classes; Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Coily/Kinky.

Nevertheless, I want I might take a look at your hair and let you know it’s strictly one in all these hair varieties. Sadly, it doesn’t work that method.

Photograph cred: Omid Armin

The Andre Walker Kind System, whereas right, will not be completely excellent. A girl might have two or extra hair varieties without delay.

Possibly a straight and curly hair kind, or a coily and wavy hair kind, or any type of combination.

Therefore, primarily based on commentary, girls’s hair textures had been additional divided into 12 subtypes, which embrace Kind 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, 3a, 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, 4c.

Nonetheless, this text will educate you whether or not you’ve kind 3 or kind 4 hair. So if that’s what you’re right here for, learn on!

How To Know If You Have A Kind 3 Hair

In response to Andre Walker’s Hair Typing System, Kind 3 hair is the curly hair texture. 

Photograph cred: HairFlair

It appears like a stretched spring operating from the scalps to the information. Listed below are the next subtypes of Kind 3 hair;

3A Hair

In case your hair texture is loosely curly, thick, and has greater spirals, then you’re a 3A hair.

It appears like a progressive “S” stacked on prime of one another from the scalp to the hem.

Photograph cred: naturallycurly

How To Care For Your 3A Hair

  • Ensure that to grease your hair each week, at the least as soon as. This is able to give it the softness it wants.
  • You must commonly comb your hair, to evenly unfold the sebum proper from the scalp to the hair ideas.
  • To cut back frizziness, ensure to sleep on silk pillowcases
  • When drying your hair, fastidiously half throughout it. This can forestall hair loss or breakage.

Kind 3B Hair

The 3B hair virtually appears like 3A hair, besides the spiral curls resemble ringlets fairly than stretched-out springs.

Photograph cred: cosmopolitan 

Any such hair texture is often voluminous, dense, and extra coarse than the 3A hair.

Ideas For Caring For 3B Hair

  • Situation your hair greater than you wash it. Ideally 2 to a few instances per week. Nevertheless, persist with washing or shampooing your hair solely as soon as per week.
  • Use moisturizing merchandise as usually as you possibly can to assist cut back frizziness
  • Don’t at all times use heating choices. Or at the least use the heater on a low setting. And we at all times advocate warmth protectants earlier than heating.

Kind 3C Hair

Kind 3C hair is often a mix of the Type3 and Kind 4 hair – curly and coily.

Photograph cred: stylecraze

The curls are spherical in a full circumference the dimensions of a straw.  They’re much less stretched and denser than the 3A and 3B hair.

Therefore, the 3C hair is essentially the most voluminous of Kind 3 hair.

Ideas On Caring For Your 3C Hair

  • When washing your hair, gently scrub via utilizing your fingers to keep away from breakage as a result of 3C hair is extra fragile than its counterparts. 
  • Guarantee there’s numerous moisture retention by utilizing moisturizers.
  • A trim would go a protracted solution to improve the styling – as lengthy you don’t overdo it.
  • Deep situation twice a month, particularly in case you have dry hair.
  • Wash your hair 2 to three instances per week.

How Do You Know If You Have Kind 4 Hair?

Additionally known as coil or kinky hair, Kind 4 hair is often a extra tight-knitted zig-zag patterned hair texture.

This hair kind is often frequent amongst African – American girls. With actually no house in between, it’s thought of the densest hair kind.

Let’s see what your sub-type of the 4C hair appears like.

Kind 4A Hair

4A hair often comes with mixtures of kind 3C hair textures, besides the spring curls are extraordinarily tiny and wiry, making it look extra coily than curly.

The hair texture is tightly curled, though the “S” remains to be barely seen.

Photograph cred: TCB naturals

How To Care For Your Kind 4A Hair

  • Make sure you moisturize as usually as potential
  • Keep away from excessive rigidity or tight hairstyles every time potential
  • It’s really helpful to make use of sulfate-free shampoos
  • Keratin remedy would assist maintain your scalp wholesome (A)

Kind 4B Hair

In case your hair has a zigzag patterned hair strand, fairly than being curly or coily, then you’ve a 4B hair.

This hair kind will not be solely tightly cured, nevertheless it’s additionally very dense and voluminous.

Photograph cred: HairFlair

Relying in your hair colour, the zig-zag sample may be seen from a distance. However a extra convincing experiment could be grabbing a strand of hair and barely dragging it down.

If it exhibits a pointy edge and zig-zag sample, you’ve a 4B hair.

Ideas For Caring For 4B Hair

  • At all times maintain moisturizing
  • Sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase to successfully fight frizziness
  • You don’t have to scrub your hair at all times. However in case you do, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner and end the routine utilizing high quality moisturizing oil.

Kind 4C

Of all hair textures, 4C has essentially the most densely parked strands of hair. The curly sample is sort of the identical because the 4B hair, however they’re tighter, thinner, and extra coarse – Typical African Hair.

They’re additionally very delicate and are extremely susceptible to breakage.

Photograph cred: Naturallycurlly

How To Care For A 4C Hair

  • Like each kind 4 hair, moisturizing is the largest issue for sustaining your hair high quality and well being.
  • Use protecting styling as a lot as you possibly can
  •  Use hair merchandise that can maintain your scalp wholesome
  • It’s really helpful to trim your hair at the least each six to eight weeks
  • Comb your hair gently, and it’s greatest carried out when moist. 

Backside Line

All hair varieties are lovely in their very own method.

Nevertheless, the modes of caring for them are often totally different, however you possibly can solely know the proper care routine by first understanding your hair kind.

From then on, it will turn out to be simpler to pick the perfect hair product, hair routine and styling appropriate to your hair kind.

It’s solely a matter of time, and that excellent, picture-perfect hair will turn out to be a actuality.

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