Herb Taste Profiles for DIY Tea Mixing

As herbalists, many people create infusions (teas) with well being and wellness in thoughts, selecting herbs based mostly on what constituents they will present us. As tea fans, we additionally care in regards to the tea-drinking expertise and the synergistic means that the flavors and aromas of various herbs can be a part of collectively when put in scorching water. It’s this synergy that comes into play with tasting notes. Tasting notes are the descriptive language that connoisseurs use to assist us perceive the nuances at play in every cup: a set of phrases to explain visible cues, aromas, style, sensations, and extra. I can’t inform you why ‘tangy, full of life, and refreshing’ are the flavour notes in my on a regular basis go-to drink-it-all-day natural tea, however realizing these phrases helps steer me towards different herbs and spices that work properly collectively when making my very own natural tea blends.

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